Frequently Asked Questions

What services are supplied to the lots?

All strata lot are serviced with water, sewer and power. The water and sewer are supplied by the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) as part of the Edgewater water and sewer system. All Cottage and “Park Model” lots come with 100-amp power service and all RV lots come with 50-amp power service. On Cottage and “Park Model” lots, all services are stubbed into the lots for connection during construction of cottages or installation of “Park Models”. On RV lots, all services are ready for connection at the RV pad. In addition, all RV lots have the RV pad and one parking stall graveled. All additional landscaping is the responsibility of the Purchaser.

Are the services available year round?

Yes, the water and sewer are “deep services” and can be used year round.

Can I live at Valley’s Edge on a full time basis?

Valley’s Edge Resort is a recreational use development. Valley’s Edge may be accessed at any time of the year but it may not be used as a principal place of residence unless the occupants are bona fide retirees. Retirees may occupy the resort year round, as their principal residence.

What are the restrictions on the size of RVs that may be placed on a strata lot?

RVs must be no older than 10 years at the date they are placed on a strata lot and must be in a good state of repair. RVs must be a minimum of 23 ft. in length. No tent trailers or truck-mounted campers are allowed.

Are “Park Models” permitted?

Yes, “Park Models” are permitted on the designated “Park Model” and “Flex” lots.

Are “Park Model” mobile homes allowed on RV lots?

No, our RDEK zoning restricts an RV on an RV lot to a maximum of a CSA Z240 (8 1/2 ft. wide, with slides, and up to 44 ft. long).

Who builds the cottages?

All remaining cottages will be built by or under the direction of Valley’s Edge Park Ltd. A limited number of cottages may be built by selected contractors, at the developer’s direction.

How big may the Cottages be?

RDEK zoning restricts the Cottages to 70 sq. meters (753 sq. ft.) and a loft not exceeding 50% of the main floor area (376 sq. ft.) for total living space of 1,129 sq. ft. above ground. They may also have a full 753 sq. ft. basement, which can also be used for living space. The overall height of the cottage may not exceed 6 meters, to the mid point of the primary roofline.

How big can the deck be?

There are no restrictions on deck size, provided all setbacks are complied with. The RDEK side-yard and rear-yard setbacks are a minimum of 1.5 meters.

Are there designated quiet hours?

Yes, the hours of 11:00 pm to 8:00 am are designated quiet hours.

Are storage sheds allowed?

Yes, one storage shed, not exceeding 100 sq. ft. may be built on each strata lot. It must be finished to match the RV or cottage and generally comply with the guidelines for finishes contained in the Declaration of Building Scheme. Vinyl sheds are not permitted.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, each Strata Lot may have 2 pets, not exceeding 80 lbs. each. All pets must be on a leash at all times and are the responsibility of the owner. Under certain circumstances, first-time buyers can have larger dogs grandfathered.

How big is the pool?

The pool is 25 ft. x 50 ft.

When will the pool be completed?

Construction of the pool is complete and it is open for use by the owners.

When will the clubhouse be completed?

Construction of the clubhouse is complete and it is open for use by the owners.

Will there be laundry facilities in the resort?

Yes, there are 2 washhouses located in the common area inside the resort. These each contain ladies and men’s washrooms and showers, as well as washers and dryers. The north washhouse is located between lots 94 and 95. The south washhouse is located between lots 178 and 179.

How is the resort managed?

The resort is managed by the Strata Council, elected by the owners. The Council retains the services of a third-party manager who resides at the resort, to manage the day-to-day operation of the resort.

How much are the Strata Fees?

The Strata Fees are $100.00/month. The Strata Fees for each of the last 5 fiscal years have been $85.00/month or $95/month. It is not expected that the fees will change significantly in the near future.

Does the Strata maintain a Contingency Reserve?

Yes, the Strata currently holds a Contingency Reserve of over $125,000.00. Additional amounts are contributed monthly from the monthly Strata Fees.